Decorateing Moove Rooms
Getting all ready
Stage one
furnishing the room
Parcelling all up
First way
The second way
Packing up
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I will be using Adobe Photoshop, but what I do is what will be needed, so please check all as you go along.


This is the Size I work on for the ADV PUBLIC Long walls
I use 1600x600pxl
For the small walls in public I use
But saying this I have had a few come to me saying walls look all wrong, I do not know why this has happened but they have to try different sizes. if you do have problems at this stage please come and ask


I have done gourde colors so all stands out, if you wish to see the picture larger just click on it.
If you want a picture on the wall, it usually is a large size, and will look like this or a lot bigger.


A lot of the time it is retrying all the time, and do not get upset, my first attempt took me a week just to get one wall right, but the joy of completing was a nice feeling.
But once you have it right, keep a copy of the sizes and save, do this with all the rooms you decorate saves a lot of heart ache

click on pic to see larger

click on picture to see larger

This is where you will find all your walls that have been painted, that's walls, floors and in some cases ceilings, but if you have a lot of trials to get your wall right you could end up with loads of unwanted paints.
Please do delete all that you have made and not want