Decorateing Moove Rooms
Stage one
furnishing the room
Parcelling all up
First way
The second way
Packing up
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Yes, yes, we all know how to decorate a room, but a lot still want help, but what’s the use of decorating your room and no one can see it as they enter?

No furniture

No paintings on the walls

Or you get the annoying count down

I have told people what to do to save all this and it will not take all that long to do, but if your wanting to parcel the room for others it is best to just hang the pictures, as they usually want to put their own up.

There are a lot of Paint programs out there, no matter if you use the simple Paints that come with all our computers or the latest one out on the market, they all do their job and that's to make pictures, scenery, for Moove walls, but all must be saved on JPG