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Decorateing Moove Rooms

Packing up

Stage one
furnishing the room
Parcelling all up
First way
The second way
Packing up
Contact Me

You make a folder on your desk top the name of the room you have made, in that are two folders this.....Load First..
You put all the furniture, gadgets, decoration, in here
2nd ......Room this .....Load Last...
you put your Room MPZ in this one


When you have your Moove pack double click on it and it will open to a window like picture 12, I have numbered the windows to work in and shown you what they look like when filled in correctly



The box next to the ? is what you click to make the parcel


Click on OK congratulations you have parceled the room


OK there it is the MPZ for your Room, as mine is for my ( pretend ) Club

Making sure all are where they should be, and you have all in the folder you have named,
Of which you should have
1) Load First,
2) Load Last,
3) Instructions
you zip it all up
Now isn't that easier?

Well now at this stage I would call on *Rex*   ...hehe poor Bro more work for him, testing, but please have fun in shareing